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Pillar Candles & Taper Candles

Are you looking for pure 'hygge' - with clean burning candles?
A Thai forrester and his certified clean foodgrade paraffin candles

Are you aware how big of a difference there is between all the different candles in the market? Candles can be made from paraffin, stearin, soy wax, bees wax, palm wax etc. and paraffin is not just paraffin. It is available in many different qualities - from the really bad, cheap and dirty kind to the finest and most refined quality which is foodgrad paraffin.

Foodgrade paraffin is best known as the cheese rind but it also help M&M's get their shiny finish, as starch in cakes etc.  - and then there is  Vance Kitira who 27 years ago chose to use foodgrade paraffin for making candles and offer people a clean alternative to the candles available on the market. Professional speaking foodgrade paraffin are too good for the production of candles but not for Vance Kitira who wanted to offer the best of the best. Vance Kitira's Timber Candles are tested by the SGS laboratory in France and tested clean for any kind of carcinogenic substance and people with both asthma and allergi can without any problems use the Vance Kitira Timber Candles. The candles are eco friendly and are all poured by hand. 

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