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Pillar & Taper Candles

Choose between more than 40 colors and many different heights from the Vance Kitira Timber Candle collection!

All Timber candles has the international SGS emmission certificate as well as the EU REACH certificate and has done the SGS sooting procent test.
The emmission test concludes that the candles are clear and no emmission of harmful or cancer causing particles. The REACH certificate is the very strict EU chemical regulation that ensures that the product does not cause any harm to the human being or the environment. The sooting procent test shows that the Timber candles has as low as a 0,01% sooting procent in average. This is very exceptional for a candle.

You will experience that the candles are very fair priced due to the very high quality and very long burn hours.

Light candles with a good conscience.


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Certificated pure candles