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Coffee in plant-based coffee capsules

Stay eco-friendly when you enjoy a lovely cup of OOhh coffee. No more aluminium capsules for your coffee. With the OOhh coffee capsules you can composte your coffee capsules with your regular food waste.

The OOhh coffee capsules are plant-based and biodegradeable. The OOhh coffee is roasted in Denmark and offers you a rounded well-balanced taste. The OOhh coffee is adjusted to meet the Nordic taste so you will experience a a more mild and well-balanced cup of coffee. We offer you 4 varieties. Click on the different coffees to know more.

All OOhh capsules are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines etc. All capsules are supplied in biodegradeable packaging with bags of 10 capsules per taste. The OOhh coffee capsules is a great gift idea and work really great as a gift idea or a joy for your everyday life. Enjoy your coffee - regards Lübech Living.

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